Pembina Trails School Division

Administrative Guidelines For Casual Permits During School Breaks

  • Application must be received by:
    Nov 1st for Christmas break, Feb 1st for Spring break, and May 1st for Summer break.
  • Permits will only be issued to Not-for-profit groups.
  • Permits will be restricted to the gym and a set of washrooms only. All other areas and floors are off   limits.
  • Permit holders will be required to supervise the entrance doors at all times while in the school.
  • Doors will be opened no more than 30 minutes prior to any event and locked 30 minutes after the event starts (where possible).
  • Permits will not be issued for the last three weeks of the summer break.
  • If participants of the permit are found outside their designated area the permit may be cancelled immediately.
  • A member of the custodial staff will monitor the permit and will maintain the areas.
  • Permit holders will be charged a custodial service fee
    for the entire time of the permit plus a 1-hour minimum clean up cost.

  • Permits will not be issued for statutory holidays.
  • Permits will be for a minimum of 8 hours during the summer break
    and 4 hours for the Christmas and Spring breaks.

  • Division shall determine which schools are available for use during these times.