Pembina Trails School Division

Facilities and Operations - Permits

Online Permits Requests:
The Pembina Trails School Division is committed to the concept of the community use of schools. Different organizations may apply for use of school facilities via an online permit request. Please keep in mind that the requirements of any school shall receive first priority when there are multiple requests for the use of school facilities.

To submit a Permit Request online simply follow the steps listed below:

1.) Open Internet explorer and type into the address bar. Hit Enter on your keyboard. Note: You can also access permits online by going to then click on the divisional information link. You will then find a permits link on the page displayed.

2.)The divisional online permits page will appear on your screen. On this page you can access school facility calendars tocheck for availability,guidelines for permits during school breaks, community use of schools policies, the school schedule link and the on-line application link.

3.) Click on the on-line application link located at the header, right hand corner of your screen.

4.) The on-line permit request will appear on your screen. It is important to fill in all fields before submitting the form.

5.) Note that the fields "school, type of recurrence, day of the week, space required and please specify one or both" all have either a dropdown button or scrolling sidebar. This indicates that there are additional options available to you.

6.) If you require a facility on a regular basis, such as every first Monday of the month, then it is very important to have the recurrence options filled in properly.

7.) Under type of recurrence select whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly recurrence.

8.) Under day of the week, select the day of the week it is to recur on.
NOTE: you can select multiple days. For example if you require the facility every 1st Monday and Wednesday of the month. To do this simply hold down the Ctrl key and select an additional day.

9.) Under space required, select the facility/room that you require.
NOTE: you can select multiple spaces. To do this simply hold down the Ctrl key and select an additional space.

10.) Enter the number of attendees under Expected Attendance.

11.) Once you have completed entering all other fields, click the Submit Application for use of School Premises button.

12.) If you wish to clear the form and start fresh, just click reset.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information on how to submit an Online Permit Request. Should you have any further questions regarding how to submit an Online Permit Request please feel free to contact the Information Technology Department located at the Divisional administration office 488.1767 extension 1120